Companies founded by Paul Tellefsen

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est. 2004

technopaul productions, LLC

In 2004, Paul Tellefsen founded technopaul productions, LLC in Carrollton, TX. technopaul productions, LLC is a production studio specializing in photography and videography.

Paul Tellefsen started the company as a sole proprietorship in 2004 when he was 12 years old to create videos for friends and family which over many years empowered Paul to quit his full time job and pursue high-profile commercial clients after he graduated college. Leading to Paul traveling all around the world to work with world-class brands and companies to help them better tell their brand story.

Paul Tellefsen has been the Founder & Owner of technopaul productions, LLC since 2004.

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est. 2018

Able Creative House, LLC

Paul Tellefsen founded Able Creative House, LLC on February 27, 2018 in Carrollton, TX. Able Creative House, LLC is a marketing company that specializes in branding, web design, creative production and social media for lifestyle brands, hospitality groups and creative companies.

Paul Tellefsen started the company to be more than just another agency, but a creative house that identifies, shapes and harnesses up-and-coming creatives through mentorship to established creatives for the transformation of our cities. This leads to real job opportunities for these new voices in the industry through Able Creative House or their network of agencies, companies and brands.

Paul Tellefsen has been the Founder & Creative Director of Able Creative House, LLC since 2018.

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est. 2022

House of Growth, LLC

Paul Tellefsen co-founded House of Growth, LLC with Jared Threw on July 13, 2022 in Plano, TX. House of Growth, LLC is a growth marketing company that serves production studios and commercial creatives through social media management and unique sales funnels to help strengthen brand reputation and increase qualified leads.

Paul Tellefsen and Jared Threw started the company after identifying that many creative business owners in their network needed to find unique ways of acquiring more sales leads, build monetary sustainability and strengthen their brand recognition.

Paul Tellefsen has been the Co-Founder of House of Growth, LLC since 2022.

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Company owned by Paul Tellefsen

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est. 2014

Socality Inc.

Founded in 2014 by Scott Bakken, Socality Inc. connects people into creative community and opportunity. Socality exists to inspire people from all walks of life to create things that make a difference. Socality began with the simple goal of connecting creatives online and in person using social media and live events. Over the years this has grown into a vision that includes local community events, workshops, creative camps, online content and storytelling, and collective initiatives designed to engage the community at large around projects and organizations that are changing our world for the better.

Paul Tellefsen has been an owner of Socality Inc. since 2022.

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