Frequently asked questions

Who is "technopaul"?

"technopaul" is a pseudonym for Paul Tellefsen. It is used for his professional work.

Where did the nickname "technopaul" come from?

"technopaul" was Paul Tellefsen's Middle School nickname. His friends started calling him "technopaul" because he was good with technology and making videos for organizations around his school. So when the Instagram social media launched he chose to carry on the nickname to be his Instagram username and it has stuck ever since.

What does Paul Tellefsen do?

Paul Tellefsen is an entrepreneur and brand strategist.

Who is Paul Tellefsen's wife?

Paul Tellefsen married Veronica Tellefsen, a dancer and fitness coach, in 2021 after meeting at a mutual friend's co-ed baby shower.

How tall is Paul Tellefsen?

Paul Tellefsen is 6 foot 4 inches.

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