photographer, storylistener and cultural architect

Paul Tellefsen

aka technopaul

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Paul Tellefsen is a storylistener and a travel and lifestyle photographer. He has a passion for people that is focused towards developing environments of meaningful connection in digital and physical spaces. He's been apart of the creative industry for 12 years, starting his own company at age 12.

Paul graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2013 with his degree in Emerging Media and Communications (EMAC). He is the creator of Instagram Is: a viral documentary that started as a Senior Capstone Project. It tells the story of social community and connection in our current culture. It has now been seen in 150 countries and loaded over 5 million times. Paul attests this project to jump starting his career. Soon after, he helped start Socality, a global movement, with Scott Bakken in 2014 and he currently oversees their Community and Community Leaders around the world.

Paul's work is framed around the idea of storylistening; something he considers to be the first step in telling a great story ... listening. This shows itself through the great care he takes in understanding a story before ever capturing it. Nevertheless, once captured his images are best described as thoughtful, big picture and detailed.

His work has been featured in art shows around the world like Helsinki Design Week and on websites like Petapixel, Laughingsquid and Instagram's Blog. He has worked with clients like Buick, Google, MR PORTER, Shangri-La, Cadillac, Toyota and Tennessee Tourism.

Photo by Scott Bakken

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