Fashion Issue 02

Trends are an interesting thing. In the moment they are awesome, but looking back 5 years you can't imagine you ever wore that. The most intriguing trend to come back are overalls. Like seriously? 

I'm normally not one to buy a statement piece and usually don't purchase a trendy item. For two reasons.

  1. Usually the trend is short-lived
  2. Buying a trend piece usually means purchasing fast fashion

I prefer to invest in a few key timeless pieces from American-Made companies. Usually, that means spending more, but it's worth it. But after a long debate I decided to buy a pair of ripped light denim jeans from H&M. Cheap and trendy. I actually really love them. My dad would say "...and you spent money to buy them ripped??" I totally surprised my friends when they saw me in them. But right now these are perfect for the Summery Winter we are having in Texas.

I spent this week in San Diego and this outfit worked perfectly for the hot days and cold nights.

Side note. I'm loving green and gold this season.

Lone Flag is my favorite men's fashion boutique. They are based in Del Mar, California and are some of the most helpful and down to earth people around. Previously, they just stocked boutique brands but recently they introduced their own private label basics. This long tee is one of my favorites. They only stock items that are made with care and purpose in mind. This is a super affordable basic long tee. I totally would encourage you to pick up any of their items. And if you want denim they are the place to go.

I think people are usually surprised to find that my sunglasses are TOMS. These are my top favorite sunglasses. I had been looking for a pair of Clubmasters for a long time, but because my face is so big there were never any frames that fit. Thankfully, these are perfect for all seasons.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think below in the comments.

Paul Tellefsen is a storylistener, photographer, videographer, writer and speaker. His mission is to explore and connect our world by finding spaces of solitude in otherwise busy destinations. Through the exploration of the less-exposed places, Paul's ultimate vision is to encourage a more digitally disconnected yet personally connected society.