Cookeville, TN

Cookeville, TN

Falls in the Fall

When you think about Tennessee, your first thought is probably music. But what most don’t realize is the easy access to incredible waterfalls, hikes and scenic views within an hour drive from Nashville. Welcome to Cookeville, TN, a place I consider to be the hidden gold mine of waterfalls. Within a 40 mile radius within the Upper Cumberland there are over 100 documented waterfalls and too many scenic overlooks to count.

Over the past few years I’ve been able to visit some of my top bucket list destinations and honestly Cookeville is one of my favorite small towns in America! It’s a hard place to pass up with the amazing charm and an incredible outdoor experience.

I visited Tennessee for the first time in March of 2017, checked it off my bucket list and fell in love with Cookeville. After only spending a day there and getting just a taste of not only the landscape but also the food too, I knew I had to come back to experience more.

To close out 2017, me and my friend Jared Whitey (@jaredwhitney) packed our bags and heading on a hiking and waterfall adventure to Cookeville! Falls in the Fall! Over the next 4 days we visited 7 waterfalls, 4 overlooks and many state natural areas and state parks. It was the kind of trip you look forward to all year long. 

For this project we worked with Tennessee Tourism and Cookeville Tourism to create a Falls in the Fall project. For 5 days we were shown around Cookeville to document our trip for web and social content for the city and state. Deliverables included 15 images, 8 total social posts on Instagram, 1 vlog and a written blog.

Post Trip Stats coming soon. 

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