Urban Cowboy Bnb

Urban Cowboy Bnb

The up and coming iconclast, Urban Cowboy Bnb is a hotel that needs no introduction. Famous for its charismatic and eclectic spaces, the Cowboy has all the feels of a vintage house with the familiarity of being around people you love. The charm isn't just in the character of the home, but in the characters staying there too! I've wanted to stay at their NYC and Nashville locations for years and it was as memorable as I expected.

I stayed at their Nashville Bnb located in the popular East Nashville neighborhood. They put us up in the Lyon's Den suite, named after their founder Lyon Porter. But every suite and room of this house had it's own character. One of my favorite rooms in the house was the music room, where every instrument on the wall was free to play. Think amazing jam sessions. I can't wait to get back here ASAP.

For this project we worked with the Cowboy to deliver images that showed an afternoon at the Cowboy. We also included social media coverage through Instagram Stories and Feed Posts.

Here's what the client had to say about the outcome of this project.

Paul visited our Nashville abode for a few days as a part of an influencer partnership and over his short stay filled the space with sound and light, truly capturing and embracing the spirit of the Urban Cowboy.
— Damaris, Urban Cowboy

Paul Tellefsen is a storylistener, photographer, videographer, writer and speaker. His mission is to explore and connect our world by finding spaces of solitude in otherwise busy destinations. Through the exploration of the less-exposed places, Paul's ultimate vision is to encourage a more digitally disconnected yet personally connected society.