Saxx Underwear Co

"Developed by an athlete and avid outdoorsman, SAXX Underwear was founded with a mission to revolutionize the core staple of every wardrobe. SAXX has since grown into an industry leader, but from day one, we’ve built innovative, design-driven gear, which has helped us develop a loyal following across North America. And for good reason: We make the most comfortable underwear out there and it’s what we look forward to doing every day."

I was given the whole fall line from Saxx and asked to photograph them in a super summery vibe. I've worked with Saxx on multiple projects. See them below. This was shot on DLSR & iPhone.

Here's what the client had to say about our ongoing partnership.

Partnering with Paul was a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish – he worked with the brand to ensure we were happy with every element of the partnership, from project management, to messaging to the finished product (which was as high-quality as expected).
— Taylor McKinnon - Social Media Manager, Saxx

Paul Tellefsen is a storylistener, photographer, videographer, writer and speaker. His mission is to explore and connect our world by finding spaces of solitude in otherwise busy destinations. Through the exploration of the less-exposed places, Paul's ultimate vision is to encourage a more digitally disconnected yet personally connected society.