Santa Fe, NM Tourism

After visiting Santa Fe several years in a row, I think I'm falling in love. On two occasions I've worked with the local tourism board in Santa Fe on their #howtosantafe project along with several other creators. We were shown the city in true local fashion, even meeting the mayor and attending local art gallery openings. The most memorable moment was when a local pizza shop named a pizza after me, the technopaul peach pizza. What can I say I love peaches and chicken.

This 2014 project started in Dallas, when my friend @jontaylorsweet flew in and we hoped in a car together, delivered by a Santa Fe local dealership, and then drove to Santa Fe documenting our journey. From there we spent 4 nights in Santa Fe exploring the city, local shops and the surrounding areas.

For this 4 day project we were asked to post a total of 3 times and share a collection of images with the CVB. 

For details and metrics on the entire project - Click here.

To download a full report from the trip -  Click here.

Below are the photos I shot for this campaign. This was all shot on iPhone.

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